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PMing and Gaming

The thing about being a good project manager is that you know how to design a framework which will allow a project to move from conception to completion efficiently and effectively. In short, an idea becomes a reality. When I started to work as a project manager, I would never have thought about the possibility…
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The Game I Want to Play

You hear writers talk about it sometimes. About that point at which they stopped being simply readers and recognized that they were readers who also wanted to be writers. Many of them speak of realizing that they wanted to read a particular kind of story that they weren’t finding on the shelves of bookstores and…
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After Scrabble and Monopoly

The conversation begins out of small-talk. Someone in the workplace asks what I did the night before or over a weekend. That kind of thing. Ordinary chat. It’s a version of “what do you like to do for fun?” You know the question. And, I can’t help but feel like, after a few years of…
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