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This is where I work and play. The lines between those states are blurred for me because I have been fortunate to find overlap between my passions.

What I love, more than anything, is the art of building.

Whether it’s a team of people in a studio or an office (I have 15 years of experience in business management).

Or the frameworks and processes which make an enterprise succeed (I have eight years of process design experience).

Or the nuts and bolts of completing a project on-time and on-budget (whether that’s a matter of hours and a hundred dollars or a matter of months and many millions).

I started and managed my own successful small business when I was eighteen years old. I’ve designed and implemented contests and games, workflows and proposals, hiring and on-boarding policies. I’ve managed a team of two and a team of forty people.

Whether in an entrepreneurial or a corporate environment, every day I am building.

And what I am building, it is not only my work, it is also a life.