Spilling My Beans

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Three and Twenty

Shortly after I began to realise just how much the world of games had changed since I was a kid, I recognized that feeling I used to get when a new console appeared in the arcade, a simmering but non-specific excitement and anticipation. I didn’t necessarily know anything about that new game, but I had…
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After Scrabble and Monopoly

The conversation begins out of small-talk. Someone in the workplace asks what I did the night before or over a weekend. That kind of thing. Ordinary chat. It’s a version of “what do you like to do for fun?” You know the question. And, I can’t help but feel like, after a few years of…
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Growing up, my family wasn’t the sort that bought the kids sets of workbooks and flashcards to study in the summer. When there was stuff to be done, the kids in the family shadowed the adults; from the youngest age, each kid had their own chores and we learned by working alongside, cooking and setting…
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