Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men by Caroline Criado Pérez (Abrams, 2019)

Key Values that align with my life and work: Equality, Respect

One of the most important things to say about the gender data gap is that it is not generally malicious, or even deliberate. Quite the opposite. It is simply the product of a way of thinking that has been around for millennia and is therefore a kind of not thinking. A double not thinking, even: men go without saying, and women don’t get said at all. Because when we say human, on the whole, we mean man.

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A quiet place to absorb the statistics and supplementary materials (great resources and impressive citations), a not-too-comfortable seat to encourage you to maintain your focus, and room to get up and pace a little, because it’s infuriating just how unjust these systemic biases are in our society.

With every hire, you can make a difference. I urge CEOs and executives with hiring responsibilities to attend to these inequities and establish policies to redress the imbalance, and all workers to put a copy of this on their desk to alert others that equality matters to you, too.

Rest: Why You Get More Done when You Work Less by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang (Basic Books, 2016)

Key Values that Align with My Life and Work: Balance, Sustainability

Routinization of work, the researchers concluded, does not have to diminish creativity; if it’s accompanied by freedom, routine can enhance creativity.

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A hammock, with something tasty, to remind yourself of the small pleasures of life. Put your feet up and contemplate the sense of contentment you’ll enjoy, in abundance, when you fully embrace the concept of Pang’s theory.

In contrast with the 24/7 demands and expectations of tech start-ups and inexperienced teams, nourish yourself and provide your team with the proper tools–a carefully designed and implemented process can benefit your business and create abundant opportunities. Why only survive, when you can thrive?

Black Buck by Mateo Askaripour (2021)

Key Values that align with my life and work: Equality, Sustainability

An opportunity means change. An opportunity means action. But most of all, an opportunity means the chance of failure. And it’s the potential for failure, more than failure itself, that stops so many people from beginning anything.

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Anywhere you can access ridiculously over-sized and caffeinated favourites: not only to further your identification with our hero, but because you’ll want to settle in and finish this. Sassy and clever, sharp and witty: an entertaining read, with potential to change minds and hearts.

How we transition in and out of workplaces, between workplaces…these are times that can be fraught and stressful, or inspiring and revitalizing. When we recognize the capacity to create and instill change, to work towards fair outcomes for all rather than a chosen few, we all succeed.



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