It makes your business run; it can sink your business, if your processes do not further your goals.

What’s the best way to capture your processes? What tools should you use? How do you recognise which processes succeed and which are wasteful? How do you monitor them and identify opportunities to improve?

Your processes are your business. Good processes will make your business more competitive. Quality processes reveal abundant opportunities for your business.

We will collapse the tasks that don’t add value, we will eliminate the repetitive tasks–you’ll make fewer mistakes, you’ll have more time. More time to play. More time to plan.


Planning will pull everything together! Plan to implement the best processes for your business. Plan to maintain alignment between team members and their responsibilities.

Plan to reinvigorate these processes and refresh your goals. Plan to prune clutter and instill goal-oriented, value-added, self-directed ownership of all your processes.

Plan to reward yourself with cookies. Lots of cookies.

We will contemplate your strategy, we will define (and refine) your goals–you’ll have a recipe. Add raisins (oh gawd, no, not raisins, I mean unless you like raisins). Chocolate chips, please.


Your personal connections, your colleagues–they determine whether your processes and plans succeed or fail.

You, as an employee, best serve the business when you can rely on quality processes and comprehensive, reasonable* plans. When your role is clearly defined and your responsibilities are supported, your contributions are meaningful.

You, as a leader, best serve the business when you can remove your direct reports’ obstacles and when you have time available to mentor and support independent decision-making and creative problem-solving.

When every team member’s goals are clearly defined and aligned with the company’s vision, the trust you build within your business every day emanates outward and this improves your entire network of relationships.

We will determine roles and responsibilities that rely on available expertise and experience, that nourish an enmeshed network of effective and empathetic relationships.

We will transform micro-management into initiative and ownership for individuals into accountability for teams. You’ll enjoy the fruits* of everyday interactions built on trust, self-regulation, value and respect. (Okay, so maybe raisins do have a place? But only as grapes!)

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